About Us

Our Story

We are a family based cabinet making business located in the Redlands, east of Brisbane QLD. The business first started in 2009 and expanded in 2016 to meet the increased demand for cabinetry in the local area.

As a business we love doing all things relating to cabinets with substantial experience across kitchens, bench top replacements and those odd small jobs around the home. 

We are a member of Master Builders QLD and registered with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (License #120 2327).

Our Mission

At Evenden Cabinets we realise that home and business renovation work can be both a daunting and expensive task. Our mission is to make your project as easy and as affordable as possible, while providing friendly and professional customer service throughout your project. Our aim is to be here for you not only before and during the project but also afterwards as well, with many of our customers working with us time and time again.

Our Team

As a team, cabinetry is our passion and we have over 30 years combined cabinet making experience.


This bloke is the owner of the business and has a tonne of experience when it comes to building dream kitchens. He's an expert in the drafting department and is always up for a friendly chat. He's a perfectionist when it comes to the finished product and his taste in coffee.


To start with... this guy is really really tall and handy when it comes to installing your kitchen. Not only does he come with a tonne of experience and is an absolute machine manufacturing kitchens, he is an ideas man to help make your dreams a reality! Plus handy for getting those things off the top shelf.


This guy might not be able to build your cabinets but he's dynamite when it comes to managing the office, finances and everything Excel to make sure your project runs smoothly in the background. Even though he works indoors, his uniform always includes a hat to match his beard.

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